MBBS, MD, PhD in Ukraine

Ukraine has always been an integral part of the development of European medical education. During the years of Soviet Union and later during the independence period (since 1991), Ukraine has built an excellent basis for providing higher medical education of globally recognized standards.
Nowadays, higher medical education in Ukraine can be obtained in more than 20 medical schools. Many of them are recognized by influential and authoritative organizations, such as the Medical Council of India (MCI), the European Association of International Education, UNESCO, World Health Organization, MEDINE and others. Currently, there are dozens of thousands students from 110 different countries, getting higher education in Ukraine. Most of them come from India, China, Turkey, Uganda, Russia, Malaysia and central European countries. Popular medical fields of study include: general medicine, dentistry, pediatrics, pharmacy, surgery and other.
Ukrainian medical institutions cooperate closely with Universities from Germany, France, Italy, Poland, United Kingdom, USA and Austria; this allows students participate in international conferences, exchange programs and various scientific projects.

Advantages of studying medicine in Ukraine

  • High quality education conforming to globally-recognized standards
  • Affordable tuition fees: from 120 000 Rs to 220 000 Rs per year
    • Full MBBS course for less than 10 Lacs (5 years)
  • Teaching is conducted in English, Russian or Ukrainian languages
  • No entrance exams required
  • Paid internships and possibility of employment in Ukraine
  • Large and friendly community of international students from all over the world (more than 3500 students from India)rn

To learn more about studying medicine in Ukraine and check the universities, take a look at our Medical Student's Guide below. Or check out what leading academicians say about studying in Ukraine.

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