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Since Soviet times Ukraine was considered the hub of engineering and industrial development of USSR. Ukrainians were the first to launch artificial satellite in outer space, as well as carried all the technical support for sending first man to Space.

Country's aviation engineers have designed and build world's largest aircrafts - Antonov 124 Ruslan (biggest plane ever produced) and Antonov 225 Mriya (largest aircraft in production today). During the years of independence graduates of Ukrainian engineering, IT and technical universities have made thousands of important inventions and discoveries.

This is not a secret that with only 1% of the world's population, the country has 6% of the world's physicists, mathematicians, computer programmers and other highly trained professionals. Ukraine's traditions of physical, mathematical, and programming schools are very strong. Nearly 60% of its universities have graduates with majors in these disciplines.

To bridge the gap between classical education and real business and technical processes, outsourcing companies have partnered with leading universities to offer additional classes and labs for students. Leading Ukrainian engineering universities cooperate closely with Ukrainian and international businesses, giving students internship and employment opportunities in the offices of such giants, like Microsoft, Oracle, Intel, etc.

Aviation degree in Ukraine can be obtained in three aviation universities. Kyiv National Aviation University is recognized as a leader of higher aviation education in Ukraine. Kyiv Aviation University cooperates closely with Civil Aviation authorities across the world and even has a special ICAO institute in its structure.

Kirovograd flying academy is famous for pilot training and Kharkov Aerospace academy is recognized for preparing best specialists in the fields of space research, aircraft manufacturing and aeronautical engineering. Kharkov University is closely connected to the industry.

Top designers and heads of the largest Ukrainian aerospace enterprises are invited to conduct lectures at this University. Among them is Petro Balabuev, the leading designer of many Antonov airlines, including An-225 and A-124.

Benefits of studying engineering and aviation in Ukraine

  • Globally recognized degrees
  • Close connection between education and industry
  • Pilot trainings according to international standards (ICAO, DGCA, etc)
  • Low tuition fees
    • Engineering courses - average 1,4 lacs per year
    • Aviation courses - average 1,7 lacs per year
    • Computer Science - average 1,5 lacs per year
  • English can be chosen as language of Instruction
  • No entrance test required to enter the University
  • Internships and employment possibilities in Ukraine and abroad

Ukrainian aviation universities are recognized and respected all over the world. They cooperate closely with world's leading aviation authorities and organizations

  • UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization)
  • International Aviation Committee
  • International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  • Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA)
  • European Council (EU)

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