It's crystal clear, GO for Nuclear

There are just few universities in Europe, which offer courses related to nuclear studies in the undergraduate level. As a rule, nuclear courses are pursued by the best students and scholars and only at the leading universities and institutes. Sevastopol University of Nuclear energy and industry is a fundamental institution of the Ministry of Fuel and Power Engineering of Ukraine. It prepares specialists in power plant management for the nuclear industrial complex, energy supply and energy preserving systems, protection of the environment, and information technologies.

National Mining University of Ukraine and Ivano-Frankovsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas have no analogues in the country and just few in Europe. Today students of these educational establishments get proper education and a degree, which is internationally recognized in the following areas: power engineering, mining, mechanical engineering, geological prospecting and other. Offering unique educational and training opportunities these universities today have established number of treaties with the government authorities of Belorussia, Russia, Lebanon, Germany, Turkey and other countries.

Benefits of studying nuclear power management in Ukraine

  • Globally recognized degree and knowledge from the Universities, which have very few analogues in the world.
  • Unique opportunities for trainings and practices (Nuclear reactor in Crimea, modern research facilities, coal mines and oil stations)
  • Affordable costs - average 1,3 lacs per year
  • Possibility of further employment in world's most powerful enterprises
  • Government support

Check out what leading academicians say about studying in Ukraine.




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