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      Study in Ukraine. MBBS, Engineering, Aviation, Business and other courses. Recognized degrees, courses in English. Study in Europe - low tuition fee. Free admission
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      A consulting company, which helps students to come study in Ukraine. Proactive Group is a partner of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Official representative of all the leading State Ukrainian universities. Come study in Ukraine MBBS, MD, Engineering, Aviation, Hotel management at a very inexpensive cost.
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      Study in Ukraine with a support of professional educational experts. Proactive Group team helps students with visa, admission, insurance, legal, travel and employment questions. Studying in Ukraine with Proactive Group support is safe and comfortable.
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      Services for students, study overseas, consultancy, employment and legal support, admission, visa, employment consultancy.
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      Proactive Group - the only educational consultancy in India, which is licensed and recognized by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
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      Latest news, study overseas, study abroad, study in Europe news from a licensed partner of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
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      latest news, featuring Proactive Group, articles in leading newspapers, Times, Business Standard, Bharat Times
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    • A country in the heart of Europe
      Discover Ukraine - a beautiful independent country in the very heart of Europe. This is a great destination for your higher education and intercultural experience. Study in Ukraine and ensure you future will be the one you dream about..
    • You in UA
      Study in Ukraine. This is the place where studying goes beyond the classrooms. Enjoy you intercultural life, new experience. Learn from best of the best and prosper as a globally demanded professional. Ukraine gives you this chance
    • Did you know that...
      Study in Ukraine and find out dozens of new things about Europe and the whole world. Ukraine is rich in traditions, achievments and discoveries. It has a long and interesting history and you are now part of it.
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    • Study in Ukraine
      Ukraine offers globally recognized postgraduate degrees at a cost, which is noticeably lower, than in other countries. At the same time Ukraine is recognized for giving one of the best postgraduate education in the world.
    • Study in United Kingdom
      Credited with having one of the best education systems, United Kingdom is definitely one of the topmost education destinations for students around the world. Its degrees have a high demand among global employers because UK universities provide considerable practical experience in relevant fields.
    • Study in Australia
      Australia is one of the best places in the world to live while you learn. The standard of living is amongst the highest in the world. Indian medical degree (MBBS, BDS, etc) is not recognized in Australia, at the same time graduates with India Degrees can always apply for PhD in Australia, passing the AML Examination.
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    • Partners about Proactive Group
      Education has always been an integral part of Ukraine’s development. We have established developed and ramified system of higher education, recognized throughout the world. Specialists, who graduate from Universities in Ukraine, are valued and properly paid worldwide.
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