Partners about Proactive Group

  • Viacheslav Tymokhin, Director

    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine
    Ukrainian State Center of International Education


    Education has always been an integral part of Ukraine’s development. We have established developed and ramified system of higher education, recognized throughout the world. Specialists, who graduate from Universities in Ukraine, are valued and properly paid worldwide. Not to mention that many Indian graduates, who studied in Ukraine remain in this country and start their business here.
    On behalf of Ukrainian State Centre of International Education (under the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine), I would like to invite young people from India to come to Ukraine. As a government authority we guarantee transparent process of enrollment to the University and legal support throughout student’s stay in Ukraine. So do our partners and Proactive Group is among them. Companies we have signed cooperation agreements with are encouraged to provide high level of client service and transparent fee policy. Thereby your cooperation with Proactive Group protects you from upsetting surprises, while living abroad.

  • Vladimir Shelkunov, President

    National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce


    The everlasting globalization process created the need for knowledgeable and profession-oriented young people, who would have a profound understanding of international, political, and economic matters. Today, the ambitious youth needs to take into account, that in order to build a successful career, you ought to have a sense of how wholistic the international culture has become, and therefore appreciate the importance of international cooperation, both in business and education.
    The ICC members are companies and organizations, representing practically all sectors of business around the world, and each of them is seeking young specialists who have received education abroad, as they are most likely to have an extensive experience and understanding of intercultural communication, strong analytical skills, an understanding of local customs and traditions of a specific region, flexibility in interaction, and the ability to adapt to new circumstances. These qualities are the most valuable for multinational companies.
    This is why we are proud that Proactive Group Ltd has become our efficient member. ICC values and supports the Company’s goal to provide Indian youth with a unique chance to receive a good European education and build a successful career in the future. Proactive Group, as an efficient member of ICC, sets transparent rules and high standards in educational consulting services and brings them to a high level, which all the competitors must conform to.

  • Anna Vlasyok, Vice-Rector

    Dean of international faculty
    Kyiv Polytechnic University


    If you ever thought of getting higher education in the very heart of Europe, Ukraine is a right destination for you. And when you think of getting a quality higher education in Ukraine, take a close look at Kyiv Polytechnic University. We are rated as #1 Ukrainian university and leading European educational establishment. Degree you receive is recognized worldwide and professional knowledge you obtain will make an outstanding start of your career.
    There are almost 1000 international students from 50 countries, getting higher education in Kyiv Polytechnic today and we plan to increase this number noticeably. Thus we work hard on supporting our spotless reputation and carefully choose partners to cooperate. Speaking of a consulting firm, which can help you enter Ukrainian university without any troubles, Proactive group is the right partner to support you in this big step. They are with you from the start till graduation date and this full time client support is hard to underestimate.

  • Andrei Kryzhanovsky, Dean of international department

    Head of ICAO subdepartment
    Kyiv National Aviation University


    Kyiv Aviation University has a juridical status of national university, but taking into consideration the number of foreign students, who study here, we are truly international. There are more than 1200 representatives of 44 countries, getting higher education in the National Aviation University in Kyiv today. As one of our Indian students mentioned, one of the most attractive things for him is that University pedagogical staff is not exam oriented, it is knowledge oriented first of all. We are proud that knowledge we give to our students help young specialists start a successful aviation career in many countries all over the world, be it India, Ukraine, Western Europe or USA.
    As you decide to get a degree at our University, choose Proactive group as your educational consultant. This trusted partner of NAU will provide you with all required information and support, so you don’t lose yourself in this exciting, but challenging journey, which is called studying abroad. Good luck.

  • Makhmudov Ildar Yosiphovich, Director

    Preparatory department and International relations department,
    National Transport University of Ukraine


    Today, I’m honored to present Ukraine’s National Transport University. Over the 55 years of its existence, NTU brought up highly qualified staff and honored scientists, who proved their professional competence by prominent achievements. I want to point out that we prepare qualified specialists in the following fields: Automobile Mechanics; Road Construction; Transport and Information Technologies; Transport Economics and Business; Information Technologies; Economics, Management and Law.
    Currently, more than 11000 students are studying 26 different specialties at the University. We provide our graduates with a globally recognized degree at a reasonable tuition cost, which is three times lower than that of an average European university.
    To ensure the best way of practical implementation of the received knowledge, NTU has signed numerous internship agreements with local and foreign automobile companies. Among them are NIKO (the official importer of “Mitsubishi Motors” in Ukraine), “Eurocar” (the official importer of “Skoda”), Ukrainian giant “UkrAVTO”, “Honda”, “Toyota Ukraine”, etc.NTU has established a close cooperation with international governmental and non-governmental institutions, such as TEMPUS and TRACECA, and collaborates with Hungarian company “Energotest” on the regular basis.
    I would like to emphasize that ProActive Group is a trusted partner of ours. The Company provides a full package of services in educational consulting sphere for international students in Ukraine. It is licensed by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine and is officially represented in India.

  • Alexander Lastovka, Director

    Сenter of preparation of foreign citizens, Kharkov Polytechnic University


    National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute” has been preparing specialists for foreign countries since 1946. Nationals of 93 countries, including Indian citizens, have received education at this University. Over four thousand students from Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America have graduated with Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from KhPI over the years of its existence. The majority of international students, who graduated from KhPI, hold influential positions in different branches of industry, science, economics and politics in their home countries.

    Today, more than 1300 foreign students are studying at the University. KhPI has been offering classes in English language of instruction for international students since 2004. One more important thing - this year KhPI is celebrating its 125th anniversary, and I am glad to point out that this year we established cooperation with ProActive Group LTD. It is our first experience in such cooperation, as we usually don’t work with agencies, but what distinguishes
    Proactive Group from other companies is the professionalism of its staff and an extensive scope of their services, including full support of students, from the university selection process to legal support in Ukraine. Moreover, Proactive Group LTD is a licensed partner of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and Science and is an efficient member of the International Chamber of Commerce. Hence, we are looking forward to our long-term fruitful collaboration.

  • Sergey Smirnov, Dean

    Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Energy and Industry


    I am glad to welcome you on behalf of Sevastopol National University of Nuclear Energy and industry. At present the University is the sole higher educational institution in Europe, which has unique scientific, technical and educational bases. During half of the century we train specialists for work in the field of nuclear power and industry, systems of electric supply as well as specialists in environmental protection and energy preserving and computer technologies.
    The university has a highly developed training base, the only one in Europe educational reactor is a part of it. Sevastopol National university of Nuclear Energy and industry was founded on the base of higher naval engineering college. Until 1917 there was the naval cadets’ building for training of the officers of the Russian Naval Fleet, in which study of the Russian Tsar Nicolai II son was expected. During the times of the USSR’s existence Higher College was situated there. Students, who worked after finishing college, served in the Atomic Submarine feet and naval pilots were the college graduates.
    At present I would like to consider peculiar importance of the qualitative education in the field of nuclear power for students from the Indian region. Recently the sector of nuclear industry of India has been developed by leaps and bounds. It is evident that the potential of atomic energetics of this country exceeds the one of other countries. Due to this fact, during next 5 years a high demand for specialists in the given field is expected. Due to the unique technical base, professional faculty and scientific developments (groundwork), education, which we propose today, meets all the requirements of modern science and international standards of quality.
    We would be glad to invite young people from India for obtainment of the highly qualified higher education in our university. Since this year the procedure for admission of the students from India have become easier and more accessible thanks to our constant partner in Ukraine, rendering them assistance in the choice of the faculty and supporting and accompanying them at all stages of study in Ukraine, represented by the company “Proactive Group”.
    The company “Proactive Group” renders a full range of services for foreign students in Ukraine, rendering them assistance in the choice of the faculty and supporting and accompanying them at all stages of study in Ukraine, has offices in Delhi as well as in Kiev (capital of Ukraine). I hope our collaboration to be fruitful and mutually beneficial, to make significant contribution in the scientific and technical progress of our country.